Physics issue, help please (c3p file attached)

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  • Hi guys,

    First post here, I'm currently making a basic game in which there is an angry birds style mechanic. The idea is that a planet is selected from the bottom (the planet is tapped and placed on a catapult), and then it can be dragged and released to fire towards a target on the right hand side of the screen.

    I currently have the basic mechanic in place, I can fire my first planet (currently a placeholder) and it behaves as expected. The problem, however comes when I switch to my second planet. The planet when tapped moves to the slingshot but just falls straight through it and off the layout.

    I've been struggling for hours, trying multiple different things to no avail. I have attached the c3p file and I'd really appreciate some help to get this working.


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  • Hey willhay108,

    right now your code looks like a mess to me. I can see the event where the Sprite5 is set to the catapult (if is_aiming=1; which means 'every tick when its true), but i can not see this for your planet.

    I suggest you put all projectiles into a family or you create just one sprite with different animations and then use the event, which already works.

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