Photon Plugin Help! How do I set different players to different sprites??

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  • Hello, nice to meet you. I'm BeanieBomber

    I got Construct 3 about a month ago and I've had lots of fun so far. Coding has always been a hurdle for me and this interface helps me realize my game-making ideas just how I imagine them.

    Anyways to make a long story short. I am developing a game that lets you draw your own character and fight against other people's drawings online. It hasn't been the easiest project trust me, but I've gotten to where the drawing interface works and it sends you to a nice little testing map. Plus with using the Photon Plugin, two or more players can be on the same server all at once :D

    Now this is the problem. When entering the test map it spawns the player with the drawing they just made. But, when another player joins they have the same drawing you just made. And while testing as Player 2, the drawing I made there shows up as Player 1's drawing.

    Player One's Screen

    Player Two's Screen

    I've been trying to get an idea of how to fix this forever, but I need some current advice instead of following tutorials back in 2014.

    If anyone knows how to fix this issue or has any tips on using Photon PLEASE RESPOND

    Thank you and thanks for reading <3

    Here's my code for the player sprites and calling then to the server (idk how to attach the project file T-T):

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