PhoneGap IOS black screen on app startup

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  • When opening the app I built with Intel XDK and PhoneGap on my iPhone, it shows the initial splash screen and then the app just goes black and does nothing.

    I have no problems on android phones or running it in the simulator on XDK.

    Anyone else have this problem?

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  • Same here, my app shows a black screen on my iphone 7 plus running iOS 11. I believe its a problem with iOS 11 compatibility. As my app worked fine on my friend's iphone 7 plus which is on iOS 10.3.

  • your phonegap up to date in your config file? I get the message at the top of phonegap saying "you are not using the latest phonegap build". I tried researching but couldn't find anything to tell me if that is related.

  • SOLVED!!!

    For those that are interested it absolutely was the updating of the config.xml file. My version was 6.2 and I had to edit the xml file to the correct version before uploading to phonegap. The final build took noticeably longer and was noticeably bigger. ^^Thank you for helping put my mind on the right path.

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  • Wait, how did you fix the problem? What exactly did you do? I am still struggling with this problem.

  • So, after exporting from C2 to cordova, then building with Intel XDK....Download notepad++ or another editor and open the config.xml file with notepad++. Then change the 2 in: "preference name="phonegap-version" value="cli-6.2.0" /> to cli-6.5.0. Literally just edit the 2 to a 5 in that line of code. Hope that helps for you.

  • Thanks for the reply, I checked my config.xml file but I did not see a line for preference name = phonegap-version at all. I did try to manually add in a line next to the other preference names with <preference name ="phonegap-version" value="cli-6.5.0"/> but it doesn't seem to have any effect so far and my app is still showing a black screen after the splash page =( anything I may have done wrong?

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  • Same thing here tested on four iPhones and all of them gives the Black screen, I followed many tutorials and no luck is there any fix for this?

  • Hmmm Same here

    The app in appstore works fine on all devices below iOS 11

    Ive tried new build with XDK with cli-6.5.0 and then Phonegap

    BUT still blackscreen after app-start

    Also checked the config xml that its set as cli-6.5.0


  • Is there a solution for this "phonegap build black screen" problem?

    Actually iOS cordova export do not work. (I tried from Construct 3).

    So you may use only xcode feature for now.

    We hope Scirra fix it.

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