Persistent Layouts?

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  • I'm traing to understand what would be the best way to conserve the state of a layout to find it unchanged the next time I go there.

    Persistent layouts seem to be an old idea that people were asking for years ago. Did something come up in the meantime?

    I'm thinking of the case where a layout is a certain scenario that the player can modify. Like a block puzzle in a dungeon room or walls that get bombed open etc..

    While the reset makes sense for a complete restart of the game, in many situations I'll want to maintain the last state of the layout before the player leaves it.

    Manually keeping track of everything that is going on in global variables can be a bit cumbersome, when there's lots of different objects with different properties. And it gets quite complicated when new instances have been spawned with modified variables..

    What's your solution for this?

  • There is a Persist behaviour, you add this to any objects and they keep their state and variables when you return to the layout.

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  • Oh, cool! I'll try that, thank you! :)

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