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  • Dear Construct community,

    I am currently struggling on a multiplayer game.

    Here is the workflow:

    - A user login to the signalling server and to the room

    - the first user to join a room become a host

    - the host can pick a mission to start

    - the peer can declare them as "ready"

    - When a host start the mission, he and all the ready peer are teleported to the mission map

    - A peer can join a mission after the host has started a mission and he is teleported to the mission map as well

    If the peer connect to the room before the host pick the mission, everything is fine.

    If the peer connect after the host has picked a mission, its inputs is not sync over the network

    What is strange is :

    - messaging is working (indeed, peer ask the host "GetMap" and receive "SetMap" message).

    - Ping is OK

    - peerId on peer/server side is OK

    I have "cleaned" my project so I can share it with you.

    To reproduce the nominal behavior :

    - Remote preview

    - Click on COOP

    - Click on CONNECT

    - Open a new window, and do the same process.

    - When host and peer are visible in the team member, you can either

    - with the host, click on "START MISSION" and pick your mission (click on the TEST purple square and on the MISSION 01 and finally into the "DEPLOY SQUAD" button)

    - with the peer, click on "READY"

    everything should be sync, OK.

    To reproduce the issue :

    - go through all the process as an host, and when the host is on the map, start the process of the peer. The peer appear to the map, the host is well sync on both but the peer is not sync at all.

    Thanks for your help.


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  • Here is an another link since filebin website have some issue managing .c3p.

    Sorry also for the formatting of the message, it looks good on the textarea but miserable when displayed...

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