On peer disconnected will have old peer count

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  • Hello there.

    For the ready check of my game I was trying to do the following logic:

    On peer disconnected {
    	If peer count = 1 {
    		Destroy Ready Button

    Because if there are no other players there is no need for a ready button. The problem is, inside On peer disconnected it will still count the disconnected peer(s).

    For example:

    There are two players. Host and peer. The peer disonnects. Hosts On peer disconnected will trigger. Inside I have an Browser Alert Multiplayer.peerCount. It shows 2 although the second player just got disconnected.

    Is this a bug or intended? As that makes some if player leaves change stuff things difficult. Thanks in advance.


    This is my temporary fix. It works, although it looks funny. :D

    Multiplayer.PeerCount -1 = 1

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  • It is possible that you'll get the actualised PeerCount on the next tick of execution.

    So consider adding a "Wait 0" action before your log to see if things change.

    If so, you can delay the destruction of your buttons as part of a function that you call after the "Wait 0" action.

  • I tried it and it worked without using a function. When I put Wait 0 or Wait for previous actions to complete it will have the correct peer count.

    Thank you!

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