How do I "Pause for an event" to take place during game. Also, how to set a "Match win System".

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  • "Pause for event moment"

    Hey, im working on a Ping Pong Game and during the gameplay, im trying to get the game to pause when player score a point. During that pause,the Event will say "1-Point Right or Left" and there will be an applause when the either player scores the point. After the event is over, it will resume back to the game to let the players continue the game until one reaches the set point to when the match. To sum it up: Im trying to get it to pause for like a 5 secs for the moment of the announcer to call who scored the point and the audience to clap in that moment of scoring.

    "Match win System"

    My second issue is that when player score up to a certain number, I want the player to "win" that "Match" when reached the set score. The player has to win "2 Matches/Game match" in order to win the whole "game".

    [ I've watched many tut video's and ping video's as well and looked up the Manuel about the two subjects im struggling on. There was only one video that was close to what I was looking for but it didn't get into these topics im interested in. I've been working on this game for 2 months now and im trying to finish it in between of October or end of it. The help will be very appreciated.]

  • 1. You can simply disable the ball and players movement for 5 seconds, then resume. Say, if you are using Bullet for the ball, set Bullet state to disabled, wait 5 seconds, set to enabled. Alternatively, you can set System Time Scale to 0 for five seconds.

    2. Add an instance variable MatchesWon to the player sprite. Add 1 every time a player wins the match. If MatchesWon=2, game over.

    PS: Who's Manuel? :)

  • Thank you so much! My game may finally be completed early October. For your' PS.Q. I searched the construct 2 manual to see if I can find any useful sources but they weren't really exactly what I wanted or was looking.

    Here's a couple I can list in search for "pausing event" That I looked into but didn't find helpful.

    Other than those 3, I didn't bother to look at anymore manuals from them and just started looking for tut's and videos bout the subject.

    Btw, can I do the same thing to pause music too for the "pause event"? The sound has to be paused as well the start back up or "Repeat" when the game gets going again.

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  • I meant "Manuel" is a Spanish name. Never mind :)

    Setting System Time Scale to 0 will automatically pause many behaviors, but not music. You will still need to pause music ("Audio set paused..") and then resume it after 5 seconds.

  • OOOHHH I get it now lol. I just realized that I spelled manual wrong and spelled it manuel(A person's name). Ahh, lol thank you once again.

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