Pathfinding not working. How do I get it to work?

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  • I made an erlier topic asking how to make my AI as it was not working with bullet. I was told to use pathfinding, after doing some research and getting help from someone who has implemented it into there game, I made the following

    This did not work neither did anything I have tried. I did it the exact way the guy did it. The one above is from a tutorial.

    The Enemy just walks to the left, I set up a way to track what Coordiantes it was looking for. It was going to a completely wrong place. Here is a screenshot of what it does (same as when using bullet)

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  • Hiya, pathfinding can be tricky. Finding a path every tick can be a bit of a disaster, also I don't understand the comparison for whether the enemy does not have line of sight? From your events it looks like you want the enemy to constantly move. If you are trying to follow the player constantly then bullet with set angle toward will be better.

  • it likely is not moving to player because of every tick, if you have every tick then maybe it does not have the time to actually initiate the path, try using every x seconds and see if that helps, also maybe remove the line of sight to troubleshoot and see if that helps

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