Pathfinding not working after HTML5 Export

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  • Hey! I'm currently using a free version of Construct 3 and working on an old project I made on Construct 2 initially.

    I want my character to move to a designated point whenever I click on screen (click & go). It's working just fine when I preview it in the engine, but the character remains stuck in the actual build when I export it and host it online (both in Chrome & Firefox)

    Any thought about why this could happen?

    EDIT: More details:

    • I'm hosting it on at the moment (so there's https and I didn't have the same issue when the file was on Construct 2)
    • I even tried locally using MAMP and it's not working on MAMP. The pathfinding is only working in the preview of the engine, otherwise the character remains stuck.
  • Alright I made lots of other tests today, here's what I found:

    • Pathfinding doesn't work when diagonals are disabled after export, even if there's 0 obstacle along the way. I made a blank project with just 2 squared sprites and nothing else to try this.
    • In general, I think there's a difference between the engine's preview & the game played in browser regarding obstacle detection and/or cell size/border: the Sprite is able to go around the obstacles easily in the engine's preview. When it's uploaded as HTML5, the Sprite remains stuck whenever there's any obstacle along the way.


  • I'd suggest uploading an example that replicated the issue, but from what you've said it sounds like the cells aren't set right.

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  • I can't post any links at the moment since my post count is too low, unfortunately!

    Here are the parameters I'm currently using for the pathfinding:

    Cell size: 30
    Border cell: -1
    Obstacles: Solid[/code:laraxzxb]
    It's working fine in the preview, but not online. 
    Note: I posted a bug report on Github, apparently "the emitted script tag URL was wrong. This should be fixed for r65." (Bug #956)
    Not sure how/if it'll resolve all the issues related to pathfinding, but I'll wait until then to see if there's any improvement.
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