How to pass a Google Places API query (JSON) to Construct 3

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  • Hi- bit of a weird query.

    So basically what I want to do is use the information generated by a google places API query within my project

    So I can get a nice JSON formatted response by putting the rest through here with my API key- that's working just fine

    But then we get to the fun how does Construct 3 get the information from that response and we go down the acronym hole for someone with a very limited amount of experience with programming.

    As far as I understand it, I cannot do a AJAX query across domains so I cannot fetch that information in that way- is that right? A few posts related to this on here indicate you could get the information by setting up your own server and then getting construct 3 to query that but I honestly don't know where to get started with that and suspect thats going to be a great deal of moving parts for a very simple project that I would rather not spend a great deal of time maintaining. There also seem to be plugins for construct 2 which may do something similar but I was wondering if I was missing anything here or if anyone had any ideas for a simple solution?

    Thanks, hope this makes sense.

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