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  • I have a particle effect that is meant to trigger when a player wins a new life.

    It's set to trigger alongside the events which add the new life.

    Both of the other events (Subtract 1 from NewLife01 & Add 1 to Lives) work fine and are triggered under the right circumstances. However the particle effect plays regardless of whether System > NewLife01 = 1 is true or false.

    I've tried setting the Particle layer to Initially Visible = false, but this simply turns off the layer.

    In the Particles Explosions tutorial the event sheet simply has the action:

    Mouse > On any click > System > Create object Particles on Layer 0...

    ...which is the entire event sheet and the Create action is what I also did, however my particles play regardless of the System > NewLife01 = 1 event being triggered.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • It's kind of hard to see the issue if I can't see all the events. if the others work correctly then it's probably the trigger being always active

  • No the trigger isn't always active - it works fine without the particle action added.

    It looks like the particles always play once as the layout starts.

    I've copied the Particle tutorial event sheet and put it in my event sheet:



    ...and both play the particle effect on layout start.

    I need a way to halt the particle effect on layout start and only be called when the relevant event triggers it.

  • did you destroy them on start of layout?

    otherwise the particle object is in the layout and will be visible, creating an object means you create another one, so if you don't want it to be active you'll have to destroy it

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  • Destroy on startup. Nice one. Didn’t know I had to do that. All good now.

    Thanks for your help.

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