How do I make only part of my sprite solid?

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  • I'm making a game in which the player have to move a basketball hoop to get balls that are falling and I wish only the rim of the hoop is solid

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  • You can change Collusion Mask in image editor to adjust solid collusion to a specific shape, but in your case you will need two solid objects to make backside & frontside of the hoop.

    You could either split your hoop into two parts or just add two invisible solid objects & place them where you want collusion with the rim to happen.

  • and how do I do that XpMonster? I tried to change the shape of the polygons to touch only the rim but now I want to add two solid sprites to each side of the hoop for the ball to bounce and let the hoop sprites polygons in a certain shape for the ball to collide with it and disappear..

  • Example I made using Physics

    There is no difference what's to collusion if you want to use Solids for some reason.

    Here are collusion polygons.

    If you want ball to disappear, you will have to add another object where you want it to trigger that.

  • Thanks man I appreciate it! I did what I wanted setting two solid objects in the rim and setting the object's positions in the event sheet to specific image points!

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