Panning Background from Tiling Texture

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  • Hi everyone,

    I want to fake a parallaxing background without actually moving the camera. I seem to missing a very obvious feature here, but how would I best go about it?

    I have three different tiling backgrounds for my three levels of depth, how do I best get the tiling images to pan?

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    You could give the background a bullet behaviour and the wrap behaviour, so it leaves the screen to the left and comes back in from the right.

    But that method does not work if you want the sides of your background to be placed exactly next to each other so that there is a continuous background. Even using multiple backgrounds with the same image leads to a small setoff of 2-4 pixels. Anyobody got ideas?

  • Hi!

    I think you should make a tiling texture with the width of your screen, then make it size 200% width.

    Then you can move it "every tick" in a direction, and when the tiling texture is 50% out of the screen you can reset it to its first position.

  • Picoti CreativeMind Yeah, that's about as whacky as the things i had in mind ... thanks for the suggestions though.

    Kinda surprised and disappointed there's not a simple way to just offset the tiled background dynamically

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