How do I get the overall audio volume in runtime of sounds playing?

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  • I want to play a sound, add effects and record+save that sounds with the effects included.

    The "Get duration" from an audio tag not works due it gets only the sample, but if you add delay/reverb.... also because more audios can be playing at same time with different duration as a mixer option.

    So my idea is record+play the sound, then in some way get the volume or something from the app, and when there is silence stop>save. So that will record the sound and any sfx included that increases the final duration.

    Maybe there is a more easy way but no examples or actions found for it.

    Any idea?

  • Take a look at the 'Audio analyser' example.

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  • Yeah i already checked and is what i mean, the analyzers checks something with the "audio" tag but:

    What if i have various audios with different tag? like audio1, audio2, audio3... on each one i manage individually adding FX,etc... then i will need to add an event for each one?

    My idea is if there is some "master analyzer" that reads the sound output of the app, not the single files by tag, so i can add any amount of audios for mixing without worry about add all the events for every tag.

    Also my idea was stop>record on silence, but if the SFX made has in some part silence(Like some tremolo with volume 0-100) i will get a cut version of it.

    IS there any way with analyser or other action get the "waveform" ?

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