How do I orient sounds to bullet collisions?

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  • Hello all,

    I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm trying to use the "Play at Object" feature to have a sound effect play where a bullet hits an object, while reducing volume in relation to distance (e.g. louder if it hits a close surface, quieter if it hits a further away one). The player character is the designated listener object.

    How do I use the angle values to do this? Also do the sound angles work only 180 degrees or can they work on other angles such as diagonally or vertically?

    Linked is a game file where you can shoot either 180 degrees or 215 degrees. I can't seem to get the volume to change based on distance so I must be using the plugins wrong.

    Is anyone able to help me? Thanks for any and all responses.


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  • I did more testing and realize it is sort of working if I change computer. I think the original one I used didn't support the sound options.

    That said, is there a way to increase how fast volume decreases? Thanks again for any and all responses.

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