How do I get options menu to work on all layouts?

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  • I have an options menu that pops up when esc is pressed. On my first two layouts it is working as intended. But on my third it does not appear at all. I also have the game pause and the player stops looking toward the mouse and those commands are working as intended, but for a reason that is puzzling me is the options sprite will not show at all. I am having the same problem with a touch control sprite that only needs to show when the game is played with a touch screen, so that makes me think its not a problem with the options sprite, but something with the layout itself, but I can not think of anything different besides the size of the layout. Thank you for any help with this.

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  • check that you have the same layers on the 3rd layout - if the layer doesn't exist then the menu wont show.

  • I have 4 layers on all of them. However after I made a completely new layout for testing I discovered that it works fine when the player and options menu is in that little area in the top left. However when I move it outside of that area, just like I have in the other layout where its not working, then it doesn't work either. So How can I get this to pop up properly where my player is, because he starts in the middle of the layout on the 3rd layout. Thanks

  • Ok so I removed the anchor behavior and now it pops up. But I need it to pop up in the center of the screen wherever it is. So is there another way I can have it always centered without the anchor? Or perhaps any idea why the anchor is messing it up on this layout but not the others? Thanks

  • I think I figured it out, on the anchor property I set the top edge and left edge to none and I think its working, maybe this can help someone else out if they run into this.

  • Well that didn't work, I should have realized I wasn't anchoring the menu to anything so it stays put and doesn't follow the character so hopefully someone might have some ideas.

  • did you try setting the parallax values for the menu layer to zeros. then that layer will not scroll with the rest of the layout. that will keep other UI elements in the correct place - like score, health, etc.

  • Oh thanks for that idea, I probably should have gone that route, what I did was do a move to command for the menu to follow the player and have the icons go to different object points on the menu. It works great, although if the player is on the edge of the layout then the menu pops up at the edge as well so I may change it.

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