No more option to save projects to my PC when running C-3 on Desktop after new update

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  • I no longer have an option to save a project file on my computer after the update. only a cloud storage option when offline. the whole point of working Offline is to be OFFLINE with construct. I do not want to connect my cloud storage accounts to Construct, an I cant find any links to update or downgrade this. Construct 3 does work online, but I do not wish to work online everytime unless I am exporting and testing a project

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  • FIXED THANX! The save project to file was no longer showing or working in the desktop version. Your suggestions worked, I had to re-read the instructions

    I just created a folder for the SDK nwjs / download the link (win v64) then unzipped the 2 files from Construct in the same location and ran the nw.exe file. I was surprised to see Construct 3 popped up and not some sort of MS visual studio. And the save to file option is working again. Thanx again.

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