How do i use openstreetmap

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  • Hi,

    I'd like to point to a static location on open-street-map.

    I'm wondering if there's an easy way to use it. I thought to use an iframe but i got the response "would not connect".

    Is there a correct way to use OSM or even google maps?

    Sorry i have looked, but happened found anything in recent years.



  • on the C3 start page there is a sample project called Geolocation that uses google maps. I haven't searched the forums for maps in a long time but I remember seeing other samples if that one doesn't help you.

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  • thanks... that was helpful.

    i was hoping to use IFRAME and it worked when i had "navigate to" and used the following reference.


    I had been using "display HTML string" and grabbing it previously from an ajax call. that works fine for HTML, but clearly was not liked for something like this.

    thanks again for giving me the pointer.


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