Opening tab on a server?

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  • I'm running through the multiplayer discussions and I keep reading the following statement:

    "open a tab on your server"

    How does one do that?

    Currently, I use Hostgator. I have my C2 app loaded to it and folks can access it through a website - it's not an app that folks download (for security purposes). I want the server to be the host and the players as the peer-client (obviously!). So using this "open a tab on your server" business is appealing - I would run the game's lobby from it. So I get that part...I think.

    But, how do you open the server "tab" and then how do I run my C2 lobby app from it? Or, is the game already running if I have the game app exported and loaded to the server?

  • You are misunderstanding the use of word server.

    HostGator hosts websites. When a user goes to this website (with your game on it), the game gets downloaded into their local computer and run from there.

    A multiplayer game server would be a dedicated computer that's always on and connected to the internet, preferablly on a fast/stable connection. You would use this computer to go to the website where you game is located and join a room first, as the host. Since your server is always connected as the host, everyone else who joins would be a peer.

    There are many different kinds of servers. HostGator is a web server. A web server won't be able to run your game, it can only serve it to users. The threads you mention are describing a game servers. A game server can be any computer that has an operating system that can run a browser. Could be one in your house, or office, or one that you rent.

  • I appreciate the clarification. What gamer server would you recommend, oosyrag? Couple of other thoughts:

    1. Our app does not use a lot of bandwidth, in fact it's quite minimal.

    2. It would be good to keep initial costs down for the initial roll-out and then scale up as needed.

    3. I've heard about the use of virtual browsers - your thoughts?

    Is there anything I should ask you, that I am not?

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  • I just use my own computer connected to the internet I have at work.

    I'd recommend recommend just doing it at home first to determine your requirements before spending money monthly on something that you are not familiar with.

  • I appreciate the information and suggestion, oosyrag. Using my computer from home is not an option. The preferable option will be to ID a low cost provider, deploy the beta, and then scale up as necessary.

    Again, thank you. Your earlier insight bridged an information gap I wasn't even aware existed.

  • So after completing additional research, I have found that HostGator (and plenty of others) have the required VPS or dedicated servers to support a "permanent" host for a multiplayer game.

    The question is setting up the virtual tab/browser/destop/host version on the actual server.

    Feedback/suggestions anyone?

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