How to open a project made in version 204.2 Stable

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  • How can i open a project made in version 204.2 Stable (its a project folder, desktop version of Construct), made a few months ago?

    Have Chrome 87

    Desktop Version 204, doent have the open folder option

    Desktop Version 225, says isnt a valid project folder

    Desktop Version 229, says isnt a valid project folder

    Online Version 225, says isnt a valid project folder


  • Add the files in a zip

    Then rename the extension to .c3p

  • Thanks for the input, but gives a error:

    Failed to open project. Check that it is a valid Construct 3 single-file project (.c3p).

    (I opened another project saved as c3p, to be shure i was zipping the correct way)

    The project was made like 10 months ago, and i saved "as folder" bacause i was thinking would be more compatible for the future.

    This is worring me, because i have more 6 games saved like this.

    Team from Construct any sugestion?

  • Tried other game, and happens the same errors

  • Which software you are using for zipping them?

    For compression level,select "store" (there will be other levels like best,good,fast etc). I use 7z and I select "store"

    Or fine ,let's go by better road.

    Step 1:- open construct 3

    Step 2.:- create a "new project" and download it in form of .c3p

    Step 3:- open that .c3p using your compressing software. To do this, right click on it and select "open archive". REMEMBER, I am saying open,not extract

    Step 4:- add any small random file (like any small text file). To do this, drag the file into the compression window. It will get added

    Step 5:- Then select all files (excluding that file you just added ) and delete them.

    Why I said to add a random file:- if you will not add it then in this step, your .c3p file will get delete

    Step 6:- open your project folder. You will see many things like event folder,fonts folder media folder etc. Select all and drag into the compressing software's window. All files will get added into our .c3p file

    Step 7:- now you can delete that 'random' file which you added. It is now not needed.

    Step 8 :- close the compressing software's window. It will give an alert :- the contenta of the archive has changed. Do you want that? (" Something like that") . Select yes

    Step 9:- hurray, now test your file in construct 3

    If this also doesn't works then don't worry. Your problem is very,very easy. Just relax

  • Are you sure you are opening a project folder and not an exported game?

  • Hi,

    thanks for the awnsers, i had to stop for while, but im back to this.

    oosyrag: yeah, im sgure, they are my projects i saved before

    Cascade Games:

    save as "store", doesnt worked

    steps 1 to 9 doesnt worked

    i do the steps, and if i dont replace the "project.c3proj" opens the project (without the content of course)

    if i replace with my game "project.c3proj" the project says its invalid, so its something about the json in the "project.c3proj"

    Im trying to see what is problem inside the "project.c3proj" .

  • There shouldn't be any need to use old releases - the 'Open local project folder' option in the Chrome browser should be able to open any project folder saved with any prior version of Construct (desktop or browser).

    The project is probably corrupt. You may be able to see a more detailed error message if you press F12 and check the browser console. Beyond that it would be hard to help any further without a copy of the project.

  • Ashley thanks,

    im pretty shure isnt corrupt, because i have 6 different games in the exactly same condition (with many versions saved)

    anyway today i also send an email to with the project.


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  • i saw th/s now when i was tring again to open the project using the online editor, in chrome console:

    [Project] Exception opening: Error: behavior '[Lite Tween]' not supported in this runtime at new window.Pk (projectResources.js:54) at Function.d.m (main.js:292) at window.pzc.VDa (main.js:1554) at Function.bE (projectResources.js:58) at p.SR (projectResources.js:106) at p.SR (projectResources.js:134) at Function.nsd (projectResources.js:134) at async Promise.all (/index 1) at async e.Tdc (projectResources.js:139) at async Promise.all (/index 1)

    Im using [Lite Tween]

    There is anyway to get a old version (204.02) of Construct 3, so can update Tween?

    Or any way to open this with more recent editor?

  • So i made a c3p, and tried to open the c3p in online version 204.2 ( and have the same error in chrome console:

    main.js:210 [Project] Exception opening: Error: behavior '[Lite Tween]' not supported in this runtime at new <anonymous> (projectResources.js:1) at Function.ǃt (main.js:2) at Object.ǃXys (main.js:63) at Function.ǃeNc (projectResources.js:1) at d.ǃyp (projectResources.js:1) at Function.ǃkYe (projectResources.js:1) at async Promise.all (/r204-2/index 1) at async i.ǃkYA (projectResources.js:1) at async Promise.all (/r204-2/index 1) at async i.ǃkYA (projectResources.js:1)

  • It should not normally be possible to cause that error in Construct, because Construct won't let you switch to a runtime if it is not supported by some of the addons in your project.

    I would guess you have actually installed the wrong version of the Lite Tween addon which is incompatible with the last time you saved your project. You'll need to find the correct version. Beyond that third-party addons are outside of our control, so contact the addon developer for further help.

  • yeahstudio

    You can open the old versions of the C3 Editor, in the browser.

    But Lite Tween exist in a C3 version with C3 runtime. Version 1.7. Install that one and you should be fine.

    But after that I would suggest to switch the events from LiteTween to the C3 standard Tween plugin. To be on the safe side for the future

  • Here are two versions of the LiteTween plugin, try opening the project in 204.2 with each of them:

    If you manage to open the project, save it with a new name. If LiteTween is not used for anything important, I would suggest removing it and replacing with the official Tween behavior.

  • Ahsley, fredriksthlm, dop2000, thanks you for the support,

    finaly manage to open,

    i installed this version of the plugin Lite Tween:


    and it opens now in 204.02 and the last version 234.4

    Problably at some point i replaced Construct3 instalation in desktop, and this specific plugin was deleted.

    But also i sugest that Construct had more information (i use only the desktop version) like a log file where people can see whats is hapenning, and what caused the error.


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