How do I open multiple preview windows?

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  • I would like to know how can I open more than one preview windows.

    Reason: Because I am working on a multiplayer game and I want to open multiple game windows so I can add more players in the game for testing.

    Using remote preview is not an option because it's taking too much time while developing... Any other options?


  • Hit Ctrl + Shift + N with chrome opened

    This will open an incognito browser,. you can open as many as you like, great for multiplayer testing

  • Ok, I just tried incognito mode. Opened a project, but it still opens only one preview window. Did you mean that I have to load the project in multiple incognito windows? Thats still too much time consuming for testing.. because when I make a change in the game I have to refresh the game in all windows. Don't I? No other faster way to do that?

  • If you have multiple windows open, and you restart preview, it generally should reload all windows, if not, press restart preview again and it should.

    It actually goes pretty quick ....

  • Cmd + R is my best friend while testing in a new browser tab - or multiple.

  • Any offers on how to open multiple preview windows?

    Seems to only open one up and if I try to copy/paste the link it just sticks loading.

    Remote preview is no good to me as it takes too long and cannot use debug

    Basically I want to have 2+ debug preview windows open like you can in C2.

    Also there is a thread about multiple preview windows in the 'FAQ' but the replies do not work

  • : How exactly is it not working ?

    Have you tried the different preview options available in the settings to see if one fits best your needs ?

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  • Kyatric : i've tried the different preview options and have the same problem with each,

    So i have a project open, i click 'debug' which opens the debug preview window, i copy the address and paste it into an incognito browser window and it sticks loading.

    This happens with both debug and the normal preview windows.

  • This is a Construct 2 feature, not 3. There's been a (somewhat) recent request for it to be added to Construct 3 here:

  • Cmd + R is my best friend while testing in a new browser tab - or multiple.

    Works Great. But how do you get it to STOP running the Preview?

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