I want to open the game into a new tab

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  • I am creating a Visual training Game; and i want if it possible when i put all the options for the game to working; when i push the button for play, open the game into another tab of chrome or second window; like a second windows game.

    Its possible?


  • I'm not sure what it is you are asking, can you try and explain your question?

    You might look at the browser plugin, or if you have a website you can set the button to open new tab?

    Best I can offer with limited info.

  • The question is i want to take open one scene in another window or new tab.

    When i select the options for playing the game, and i touch the button play, the scene for game open in another tab o screen.

  • Technically you can.... But frankly speaking it would be pretty convoluted and pointless.

    Upon starting your game, you would check localstorage to see if the player had launched it after setting the settings or not. If not, it will load into the settings page. After setting the settings, save them to localstorage and open the same project in a new tab via the browser object. This time, if the localstorage keys for the settings have been saved, load the game layout using the saved settings.

    You'll need to clear them again if you want the user to be able to get to the settings layout again, or at least clear the localstorage key that says settings have been saved.

  • Isnt more easy like?

  • Normally you would simply do this with a settings layout or even layer, which would indeed be much easier.

  • What interests me most about opening the game area to the options area in a new tab is to assess whether I can modify these options live, for example the size of the stimulus, its speed ... all the variables that I have at the moment and that I give an example in the debugging version if I can modify.

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  • If they are on separate tabs no.

    If you built in the settings into the project like normal in a separate layout or layer, then yes changes to your settings could be applied live.

  • They are in other scenes, one scene is the option, another scene is the gamescene; into game scene exist diferente layers.

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