How do I open my file?

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  • Hey there !

    I can see that my problem happened to some others, yet I have not been able to open my file...

    I was working on my video game, saved it and then Construct was freezing right after saying that my project was saved.

    So I refreshed the page, reopened the project but I got the message :

    " Failed to open project. Check it is a valid Construct 3 single-file (.c3p) project "

    I was almost done and I cannot do it from scratch again...

    Would someone be able to recover my files for me ?

    Thanks in advance !

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  • Any luck getting it to load? I've had this happen once or twice, but was able to eventually get it to open. Are you using Beta, or Stable release of Construct 3 while working on the project? I can try loading it on my end, of you'd like.

    General troubleshooting. I would clear out your entire browser. History, cache, cookies, etc. If you are running from a local copy of Construct 3. Uninstall it, then re-install the version you were using from the Scirra website. Just load that version on Scirra, then install a local version again. Could also test an alternative browser if all that fails.. Chrome, Brave, Firefox, etc.

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