How do I use one event sheet for multiple layouts?

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  • I created a second layout, the layout only (no second event sheet). Copied everything over from my first lay out to the second. When I play the second layout it does not include any of the collision, global variables etc as the first. I have selected "Event sheet 1" under Even sheet in the layout properties but that didn't do it. I also tried duplicating the original layout completely from the project bar but a second tab wasn't created on the top next the Layout 1. Any help would be much appreciated

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  • When you select a layout in the project bar, you have access to a property "Event sheet" in the property bar that allows you to "assign" an event sheet that will be executed by the layout.

    All the layouts of your project can point to that event sheet. Their property needs to be set accordingly though.

    "Duplicating" an event sheet is not recommended, as global variables, for example, are unique and valid across all the project, so they won't be duplicated and there is no need for that.

    At last you can also include an event sheet inside another event sheet.

    If you are still having issues, do post a copy of your project to help others help you.

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