"On Video Complete" not working

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  • I have tested it out with "Test Ads" from Google

    Everything worked out perfectly

    I then uploaded successfully my game to Google Play

    Upon pressing a button to watch Ads within my game (with the purpose of receiving some currency after successfully watching the ad AND THEN closing it), the AD plays as normal, however, nothing happens as it should (no currency is received and no animation is shown at the currency area which would normally signify you getting said currency)

    After a few updates for the Google Play version, what I can tell is that upon pressing "X" after watching an AD, the AD is taken as "cancelled" instead of "completed"

    Below I will have posted a simplistic example of something I have tested (this is not exactly the final product I wish to have within my game and is something just a bit more simplistic, however, what is important to note is that I have tested this within my game and "On Video Cancelled" is the thing that applies no matter when you press "X" with a rewarded video ad)

    On Video Complete:

    -> does nothing

    On Video Cancelled:

    -> activates if you cancel midway the video and you press "Yes" on the announcement which asks if you really want to cancel watching the AD

    -> activates if you press "X" after watching the "Rewarded video" fully (which should happen for "On Video Complete")

    Please Help! (and thank you for taking an interest and reading this)

  • This isn't the case unless it broke recently. But you say it's working in test mode, so I'm not really sure how it can suddenly break when it goes to Google Store.

  • Either it broke recently, or I am doing something wrong...

    However, due to the fact that Test ads are working PERFECTLY (tried on another test version of my app that I created freshly today), I am more drawn to the option that it is currently broken...

    I would also like to mention that I have tried to create my app originally in version 197-2 and have exported it with the following options:

    - Deduplicate images (i know it probably changes nothing)

    - Recompress images (i know it probably changes nothing)

    - Minify mode: Advanced (i know it probably changes nothing)

    - Signed Release APK

    Currently, while it has been exported from the newest Construct 3 version, it has the same options "ticked" as above with one exception:

    - Signed Release APK -> Signed Android App Bundle

    As far as I know, none of these things should change what I need, though I thought that I should make sure that I can give as much information in regards to what I have done so that, if anyone has any similar issue in the future, they can take notice of my actions.

    Will most likely make it so that even if an AD is cancelled you get the currency for now, however, as soon as this gets fixed, will change it to how it is supposed to be.

    Hoping to get more information if possible. Thanks for the reply!

  • You should first take a step back and look at the actual events. What are you seeing? That the credit is always adding 50 instead of 100? Maybe something else is happening? You could alter the actions drastically so you know for sure that it is always doing the cancellation, those events are very similar.

  • Originally I was given nothing and shown no animation after a "Rewarded Video", due to not knowing what the issue is and not having the option "On Video Cancelled" within the app

    Now, after doing testing in multiple ways, I have come to the conclusion that "On Video Complete" is not working due to also trying this before: (screenshot)

    (and it worked - thus, I can tell that the app knows it is showing a video and that it needs to give a reward, however, it does not seem to make the difference between "On video cancelled" and "On video complete" as it should, "cancelling" the video no matter what)

    The "Test Ads" debug APK version that I tested on other phones works as intended however. (giving me the correct amount ONLY AFTER seeing the complete AD and the pressing the "X" button)

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  • Then it may be a bug that occurred lately or it's caused by exporting as app bundle, that's a fairly new option. If you are sure you've debugged it so it can't be the events then report it as a bug.

  • I have read all the necessary things that I must do in order to report it as a bug and I must say that sadly, no matter what type of .c3p file I will put on "GitHub", it will not have the issue, since this issue is specific to the Google Play store interacting with my app (for the "On Video Complete" condition) and not just an issue found by me normally within my app.

    Thus, making a "mini-version" of the .c3p presenting only the issue is not possible unless that version is somehow seen by whoever will look at it in some sort of way similar to Google Play. (basically, they would need to see "real ads", since the "test ads" work perfectly)

    Do you still think I should post the issue there? (and let the people that will see it try and figure it out from there?)

    Also, thanks for responding so fast!

  • Posting your project file is good because they can check the events. Then maybe you can make a video showing how you closed the finished ad and it triggered the cancel.

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