Get my old questions and answers? The Links are broken

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  • I cant access my old posts, the new page is completly confusing. What was the basic idea behind that chaos? And much more important for me: How can i open my questions and answers again?

    And how do i can see all my questions i ever asked in one history like i could on the old page? So if i get an answer here where do i have my overview?



  • Are you asking how to find a list of all your posted topics? If so, search features are currently missing but are in the works.

    What was the basic idea behind that chaos?

    More stable, faster and reliable forum.

  • Great, but some of us developing games with your engine which has to be released soon - and sometimes we have to take a look into our questions we posted into this forum to get things to work. And in my case there is a topic i would need right now - to ask it again would take to much time and for you it means there are a lot of equal questions. Dont get me wrong - its an nice idea to make something new. But think about the concequences for developers right now.

    There was a working page, now i have problems i wouldnt have with your old website - this is currently a step back unitl it will be fixed in my opinion.

    Is there a possability to see my old forum questions and answers? Those links are broken, and even with the new url i cant access them..

    For excample:



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  • I understand, it's a big job getting it all ready for search. It is my priority. In the meantime, you can use Google:

  • I've added in links to see users topics/posts. Check under your avatar on any forum post.

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