Oh, all Signed Android Builds fail since today...

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  • Hello,

    I'm having trouble understanding my issue before I can even think about posting a bug report. Because I'm pretty sure, it's must be me causing the issue :D

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    All my signed android builds fail when building.

    It started when building my last version. So I tried building older versions that I already successfully built and released to the play store. This is all I get when building a "signed android app bundle":

    and "signed release apk" and "signed debug apk" give me the following error:

    I checked my project settings, plugins and application signing options. Nothing looks fishy to me. And since even ok older versions get the same issue I'm kind of lost.

    Anybody here who has an idea?

    I gladly share anything you ask for. But I didn't see a reason why my c3 file would help for example.



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  • Oh and I thought so far that it seems to be something related to my keystore, or the alias / or password. But I literally have a screenshot I took of my Alias and Password, so I don't forget them, so I'm pretty pretty sure I'm inputting the correct information when starting the build :(

  • It clearly states that your password is wrong.

  • Hi! Thanks for your reply. Yeah, I read that.

    Any idea why it is giving me that clear error message when I build an apk, but not when building a bundle?

    This weirdness coupled with the problem that I'm like 99% sure what the password is, since I screenshotted it :D, started me wondering.

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