How can I see all objects in Z Order Bar?

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  • Hi there!

    I recently bought Construct 3 and I was wondering if there's a bug with the Z Order Bar or if it's just me who aren't clever enough to figure out what's wrong? In construct 2 you could see all objects when you opened up the Z Order Bar but in Construct 3 I can only see a few objects.

    Thanks in advance,

    Tommy /

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  • After you open ZOrder bar, click anywhere at the empty space on the layout.

  • The Z Order bar indeed does display accordingly to the selected object.

    When you click in the layout view where there is not an instance of an object, the Z order bar's title will indicate "Showing all".

    And when you select an instance of an object "covering"/in collision with other instances/object types, all those will appear in the bar, and the title will indicate "Showing subset".

    At last, holding the tab key pressed and clicking on instances that are covered, allow you to select instances at a different Z order that a single regular selection would not select as being underneath a covering instance.

  • A massive thanks to both of you! I'm a little ashamed that it was so easy haha :p

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