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  • I could really benefit from being able to open an object's properties without having to use the toolbar. My game has gotten to the point where it has times where clicking on an object or clicking on empty space causes Construct 3 to freeze for a second or two because of the object properties toolbar. If I close it, this stops happening. I cannot figure out how to reliably reproduce it to make a bug report because it seemingly happens for a while at random times. I've recorded performance in the debugger and it shows some "long task" triggering every time I cause the object properties bar to change to another object, layer, layout, what have you, which is taking 1-2 seconds and giving warnings because of how bad it impact performance.


    This thread gets into how another user and I have had issues with project folders being able to load and it turned out that it's a Chrome issue because we have more than 6,000 files in our projects and thus there was no possible way for us to reproduce this to file a bug report with a blank project and I guess we just got lucky that Ashley coincidentally managed to find it was a Chrome issue that he reported.

    I'm assuming this is also an issue related to the fact my project has so many assets like 78 layouts, 284 event sheets, 1228 object types, 64 families, etc. and thus there is no way I can actually make an example project so this issue can be reproduced.

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  • We can investigate the performance issue if you can reproduce it in a new project. You can just fill it with dummy content and try to reproduce the performance hit that way.

    We will not add another way to access properties - the properties bar is the way to do that, and if there's a problem with it, it should be fixed, rather than adding entire new features to the software that will be made redundant if the issue is fixed.

  • I guess I can try to figure out something. Not quite sure at the moment how to generate an example project with the same magnitude, but if I figure out how then I'll give it a shot.

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