How Object Outside Screen not Rendered, but still Visible if that on the Screen?

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  • Sorry for the Title, long, but that what I mean.

    Hi Guys.

    I want to make a game like Terraria or Minecraft in 2d, but unfortunately, if I play this game in my Potato PC. it won't run, or it will be super laggy. I think that caused by Too Many Object in the Project. so the game will super duper laggy. So, is there any way to make an object outside the screen not rendered and invisible, but if the object in the screen, the object will be rendered and visible? Or like Event "Is not on-screen" then "destroy" But this time, if the object in the screen again, the object will visible again?

    Or.. uh... I really don't know how to explain this. The point is, how to make the game will have many objects, but we create the objects becomes a little. So the game will not laggy. So.. yeah.. that is the explanation. I know this may be hard to understand. but, hard to explain. Thank you for reading...

    If you had some question, just post reply :)

    My English bad.

    Once again, Thank you :)

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  • Thank you very much for Replying my issue, that's what I mean, now I will try this in my project, once again, thanks :)

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