How do I make an object increase or decrease in scale/size for each collision with other objects?

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  • Hi, (I'm new to Construct3)

    I'm trying to build a simple game in which I have an object in the middle of the screen and "enemies" are randomly generated and aimed at the object. Upon colliding with the object, the "enemies" are destroyed. I want to set up a way to have the object shrink in size every time an "enemy" collides with it. If the "enemies" are clicked on, then they are destroyed and the object remains intact. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Is this just for a visual effect? You can use Sine or Tween behavior to change scale.

    Enemy on collision with SomeObject
    	Enemy Tween (two properties) Size to (0,0)
    	Wait 1 second
    	Enemy destroy
  • Thanks so much for your reply, Dop2000! I had tried what you suggested prior to posting here, the problem is that the object shrinks right away and even if I increase the time, the object still continues to shrink even if enemies are not colliding with it. I just want the object to decrease in size a small percentage every time an enemy collides with it and for the object to not continue to shrink unless other enemies collide with it.


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  • So shrinking is part of the game mechanics? See this demo:

  • Yes, exactly! Thank you so much. I've learned the behaviors and how to do events, but I need to get better at instance variables. Thanks again!

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