nwjs write/create functions are not working

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  • The issues of not being to create a folder, write a file seems to be an issue in both c2 and c3. Help! What do they share in common that might cause this recent behavior. In addition when a localstorage save is involved my key of "Actors.json " is incremented to "Actors(1).json, etc, etc

  • There could be system permissions preventing you from writing to certain directories. The browser object's invoke download is usually safer, although it doesn't automatically overwrite a file if the file already exists, hence the appended number in parenthesis.

  • Well I looked into the permission issue and indeed that may be a problem, thank you. Win10 has made it a nightmare to change permissions, it may look like you allowed access, but MS reverts reverts to protected.

    The nwjs project I'm working on needs to store, modify and delete. Right now something as basic as that is a struggle.

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  • It's a security issue. The OS should naturally prevent programs from writing and modifying files on the system normally - it should never be easy to do, otherwise there would be viruses abound. You should be able to use the user folders just fine.

    [quote:1hm0jke2]It is tempting to solve this by writing files to the application's folder. However this also may not work; on many versions of Windows, the Program Files folder requires administrator permission to write to, although you can read from it.

    The solution is to write to the user's folder, which you almost certainly have write permission for. This is provided by the UserFolder expression.

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