NW.js PREVIEW without Export + Full Screen + Split Screen ?

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  • Hey All,

    I'm trying to get used to Construct 3 for the first time (full version).

    To be honest, After trying for few days I don't like the browser version at all, but I LOVE the desktop build a lot and that's what I'm using.

    In construct 2, I setup my default preview and export to NW.js because that's my favorite and I'm interested in .exe at the end:

    I don't know how to change the default preview on Construct 3 to NW.js

    Unfortunately, I could only Export, that's was a VERY slow process for a minimal 1 layout and also needed to download when done, nope, didn't like it compare to the speed of how it was on Construct 2.

    Another thing, Full Screen Issues.

    I didn't know how to start the game on full screen like I did in Construct 2 so I skipped that for now.

    Also, in the future I will add toggle Full Screen on/off on the main menu.

    Questions related to my issues:


    - How do I setup that all my Construct 3 projects will run NW.js Preview (Dekstop Build) like in C2 ?

    For sake of fast testing, I made that, when pressing F11 it will go Full Screen.

    In C2 it works like charm (I tried the Browser and NW.js objects), but in Construct 3 it ignores Full Screen... only works on export:


    - How do I test Full Screen without re-exporting every time right in NW.js Preview ? (like in C2)


    - Not sure if this feature is there or not but, How do I split the screen for the same layout?

    Split in 2 or even 4 (for 2 - 4 Players game)

    I must mention that I'm new to Construct so my questions may sound very basic or even stupid,

    I hope that the community will help me learn new things as I'm making my first game and will have some more questions on my journey.

    Thanks ahead and Sorry about my bad English.

  • The preview in the desktop build is already an NW.js preview.

  • The preview in the desktop build is already an NW.js preview.

    That's good to know Ashley! I like NW.js a lot.

    What about my other questions related to full screen on Preview?

    Thanks ahead!

  • Fullscreen mode should already work if you use the 'Request fullscreen' action (see the fix in r87). Split screen is an unrelated question, but isn't currently supported (at least with built-in features).

  • Thanks Ashley that's great, I'll grab the Beta version!

    I hope to see split-screen support feature in the future it will be great.


    I just sent an email to You and Tom (it can be VERY helpful for Construct3), I hope that you'll read it on your spare time.

    Keep up the good job!

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  • Alon

    You can use Construct 3's canvas plugin for split-screen:


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