not working webview on older devices and C3

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  • is there anyway to make work the webview for older (the ones are sold now in my area: Mali-400) phones?

    If my project its made in C2 and I compile with cordova it runs on this devices, but in C3 it gaves an error that the webview its obsolete and have a link to dowload, thing that does no help...

    same happens if I compile in c2 runtime...

    ;((((( big trouble for this markets

  • It should work if the device has been able to install any software updates any time in the past 3 years.

    It's a mystery to me how there could be any significant number of devices that have failed to automatically update that long.

  • Well, I suppose it happens in a lot of markets:

    South America, Africa, and other countries of so called third world or developing countries (even Asia and Europe: Kazakhstan, Kirigistan, Belarus, etc)...

    Not only in these markets by country where there are national manufacturers that buy old technology and assemble. Also, there is a huge list of devices (example POS devices) that because of the nature they do not have and will not have GPU optimization in their devices.

    So would be nice to study the case... I understand from first world countries and targeting modern devices is weird, but in my case, it's a huge limit.

    I would really like to go to C3, I am subscribed in a matter of support scirra with my modest contribution... but I would (and many other users) be paying a C2 subscription or a C3 that works for our environment. And I have to say I am full of envy of those who can use some of the improvements that C3 made in last time...

    Anyway, thank you for your support...

  • As far as I am aware, the default settings on Android are to auto-update apps when there is an Internet connection available, and I thought that applied to all markets internationally.

    I still have no idea why there would be any significant number of devices out there that have either changed from the default settings (and have turned off auto-updating apps), or have been offline for 3+ years until they suddenly tried your app.

    Or maybe something else is happening. As I say, it's a mystery and I would be very interested if you could shed any light on this at all.

  • Hello Ashley, sorry for late reply...

    the only way I think would be sending you a new phone that is sold here actually... let me check how to do.

  • There's no point doing that - anything I would check, you can check yourself on the device.

    The question is: why aren't any apps auto-updating?

    I'm not sure where I'd start with figuring that out anyway, so your guess is probably as good as mine. Is the Play Store app installed? What are its settings? Were those the factory default settings? Those are some of the questions I think need answering.

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  • Hi Ashley.. sorry for late reply I was very busy.

    The question is: why aren't any apps auto-updating?

    the apps are auto-updating

    Is the Play Store app installed?

    yes for sure in all android devices sold playstore (exception of some chinese)

    What are its settings?

    I do not understand this question, which settings you mean?

    Were those the factory default settings?

    sure, we are speaking about "brand new" devices

  • I don't know, I'd just check the settings and see if anything looks like updates are disabled.

    By default everything is set to auto-update. Again, this is a complete mystery to me, I have no idea how this could be possible.

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