How do I not make my "WAVE CLEARED" screen appear twice?

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  • Hi everyone!

    I've got a very interesting problem that I'm hoping to get some help with. You can find my game .c3p file here.

    I'm making a Tower Defense demo just for my own edification, and right now I'm running into an issue where when the "Game Over" or "Wave Cleared" screens trigger and then the user clicks on the "Retry" button, the previous screen pops up again...but ONLY if I have a "Wait 0.5 seconds" or similar action to start off the chain. Otherwise it works totally as intended.

    Here's what the code looks like for creating the "Wave Cleared" screen...

    And here's what it looks like when the user hits the "RETRY" button...

    Can anyone help explain to me what's going on?

  • This seems to be running every tick and you don't reset the variables until you press retry so if you go in debug mode it is probably creating hundreds of these objects? Probably the screen you see is when it waited 0.5 seconds after creating the latest object, you need a trigger once on that first event.

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  • Brilliant, thank you! This also solves what I thought was an issue with the FADE behavior not working properly. The opacity on my object was fine, but when there are a ton of instances of it, of course it juts looks like a black screen.

    This solved it, thank you!

  • Great! Glad it's resolved :)

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