How to not get black screen on NW.js export?

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  • My game runs fine in chrome, but when I export to NW.js, then open the .exe I get a black screen! It doesn't load, it's just black.

    Why does this happen? Is there something causing it?

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  • Hi,

    nw.js black screen at start is due to :

    1. a missing or corrupted .node file

    2. a mismatch between a nw.js version and .node file build for another nw.js version

    3. a node file dependency is missing.

    4. an infinite loop in event related to nw.js or 3rd party related to nw.js


    1. check you include the .node file in correct path or if your anti-virus doesn't delete or block the .node file (especially if it's Avast)

    2. for example if you want to add the greenworks plugin for NW19.4 or the Steam4C2 plugin NW19-4-v1.7.1 and export with nw.js v0.26.x you should use nw0.19.4 instead

    3. same example, greenworks NW19.4 is build for Steamworks SDK 1.38a and you use Steamworks 1.41, you should use Steamworks 1.38a instead

    4. check your events in loading layout or events you put in "on start of layout" (while loop related to folder or file with a typo etc)


  • MadSpy

    Thanks for the reply! I figured it only gives me the black screen when I choose to "minify script" (I'm using Chrome desktop to export), so all I need to do is not use that setting.

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