Not all ai moving along path

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  • I have made a game where you are a ball and there is a lot of balls trying to attack your

    base(i haven't made it yet). all of them are meant to go to the center of the screen but some do and some dont. here's a picture of the event sheet and the games it self playing

    here's the simulation

    the one that has an angel are the one moving and the ones which don't are still

    and also the green one is not infinitely generated where the red ones are

    please help

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  • Hard to tell without seeing the project but the red balls that are not moving might not be able to find a path, and you have no event to deal with that.

    Add in "on failed to find path" and then have it find path again. (although i see your notes on the right)

    You could also do a test for objects that have a path but aren't moving, if true set them to move.

    There could be many other reasons though.

    Also for event 17 you are better off using the timer behaviour. So: on created - start timer once off for 300secs

    new event: Red_ball on Timer destroy red_ball

  • calminthenight I have tried to do that on path failed to find find the path again and still

    doesn't work and that note you thought was just me trying to fix the issue myself to being the obstacle which it outside the layout but that also didn't work

  • It must be something in your events that is causing it. Post your project file and someone can take a look

  • I don't want my project to be public if you can privately send me a reply having your that will be great

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