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  • Hi All,

    I'm sure this is very simple but I am pretty new to this and programming in general. I am experimenting with touch and physics on a ball. The result I am going for is a bit like Flick Kick and I think I am about halfway there from hacking this together from the catapult example. The problems I have are two-fold and any help would be greatly appreciated!

    1) When the ball is touched, it is possible to drag it around whereas I would like it fixed in position until the touch is released, e.g. the player can swipe the ball to move it but not pick it up and drag it around the map.

    2) Second issue is that when the ball is touched, it no longer respects the immovable property of the blocks and it is possible to drag it out of the layout or release it inside a block. This is a side-effect of issue 1 but I think could still be triggered under certain conditions if issue 1 was resolved.

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  • Link to project if it helps!?!AkRzUIDpbdo92G-SdUc6NOEpYCEr

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