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  • Could somebody point me in the right direction. How do I make my player move just left and right but at the same time add thrust to the bottom with a constant gravity pulling down on my player. when my player is moving to the left and right the gravity would still come in to play. Any help would be much appreciative. I am completely new to all of this.

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  • It depends on the game. You can use Bullet behavior with gravity. Or two Bullet behaviors - one to control the movement left/right and another with gravity which will pull the sprite down.

    Platform and Physics behaviors also have gravity setting.

    Or you can add gravity with events, for example "On every tick: Sprite set y to (self.y+100*dt)"

  • Hi Dop,

    thank you for the advice and sorry for not getting back to you so late. I will give this a try and thank you for the advice

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