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  • Hi Team,

    I have few questions, please help me:

    1. How to interpolate i.e. change from 0 to 100 in 5 secs when we collide with item?

    2. I change one variable from 10 to 8 on collide, how do I return the the value to 10 after 3 secs of that collide?

    Waiting response!!

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  • 1. Precise change over time: Use the timer behavior and lerp.

    On collision - start timer for 5 seconds

    Timer is running - Set value to lerp(0,100,Self.Timer.CurrentTime/Self.Timer.Duration)

    On Timer - Set value to 100

    2. a. You can use the "Wait" action to delay following actions

    On collision - Set Variable to 8, Wait 3, Set variable to 10

    b. Or you can use a timer behavior once again, and On Timer set value to 10

    On collision - Set Variable to 8, Start timer for 3 seconds

    On Timer - Set Variable to 10

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