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  • i have a sprite "car" with 4 animations and another sprite "wheel". So basically its a car body and wheels.

    car has 4 copies on layout and 2 wheels on each car. i pinned wheels over the car. there is one global variable "selected car". All cars and wheels are out of layout

    here is what i am doing.

    On any key pressed > First selected car will move inside layout about 400px and then other cars will move one by one. everything is working fine excepts wheels when car is moving then wheels should rotate but i am doing something wrong here and wheels are rotating event after car stopped for half second.

    please anybody can help me to fix this issue.


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  • In event 43 you pick wheels where wheel.u_id=Car.AnimationFrame

    Is this really how you link wheels with cars? Shouldn't there be Car.UID?

    Also, you don't need event 42 (For each wheel), remove it. And you can pick using PinnedUID expression:

    Pick Wheel where Wheel.Pin.PinnedUID=Car.UID
  • thanks it working.

    i was never aware about pinnedUID

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