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  • Hi!

    Im trying to make this idea that i have:

    You have 3 instances of the same sprite, each one starts at a animation 1 (Base).

    If you click a sprite, it will choose between animations 2 to 7 and it will change a boolean from false to true.

    The objective is to click all the instances of the sprites at least one time to activate a "secret code" (XD)

    But im stuck and i need help to make it just as i imagined.


    How can i make that the secret code ONLY appears when you click ALL the instances of the sprite?

    How can i make that the sprites dont repeat the same Animation frames when i click them?

    For example: I click the sprite(Anim 2) and yeah, it changes the animation, but it changes to the SAME Animation!

    Maybe i should use diferent frames instead of using diferent animations? Idont know UnU

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Maybe you could create the 3 digit code in advance, or 3 separate variables, then when you click the sprite it sets the animation based on variable. You didn't tell us enough about the code idea so I can't tell if that's useful.

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