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  • Right now i am creating my first mobile game ever, which is very exciting for me as i have started learning mobile game developing 3 months ago, it is physics game, where you need to draw a solid line to get the ball in a basket, it is a common game type,but i take it for learning and practicing, i learned alot from you guys and also from the community on youtube, however right now i have 3 tasks to complete, and hope you guys help me with them:

    - how to save the player progress and settings on the local storage, when the player reopens the game to have his/her progress and game settings saved?

    -when you created a solid line and you want to create another one then the first line will be destroyed immediately, the problem is that the same thing happen even if you tap on the Mute Music button or any UHD buttons, how i can tap or touch the UHD (Upper side of the layout) without affecting what is going on the game itself? i know that destroy action doesnt have "deactivate" option, so i hope there is a workaround here.

    - in order to publish the game online, is there anything else i need to have beside: loading page, main mneu, setting page, select level, music & Sounds, Storage setting, beside the game levels and their events sheets?


    Thank you

  • 1. There are plenty of tutorials about how to use Local Storage and an official template. If you need to save many variables, I suggest using a dictionary.

    2. Add all UI buttons to a family UIButtons. Add a condition "Touch is not touching UIButtons" to the event where you are destroying the previous line and all similar touch events.

    3. It's up to you, there are no mandatory requirements. If you think your game needs a loading screen and a level selection screen - add them.

  • Indeed, there are many tutorials for beginners, but let me take the liberty of promoting my own.

    You'll get a lot of useful insights from these examples I think

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  • dop2000 I solved the touch issue, thank you for the help.

  • bartalluyn Thank you for te link, which video is talking about the local storage?

  • Yes, some of them show how to write and read a highscore from and to local storage. The same principals apply for other things like JSON strings or so.

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