I need help in car move blocking system

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  • I have roads, car, trucks & barricades (road blocker)

    car and trucks not moving. I'm moving car with touch. I want to car to be blocked by truck and barricades. we can also move trucks. How do I stop cars by overlapping with trucks and also stop truck overlapping with other trucks. these both should be not to cross barricade.

    green is car and red is truck

  • Solid and Stop on solid will allow you to crash into (stop against) other objects.

    Check out this quick tutorial I through together for you.


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  • Hi

    Thanks for this but I'm not moving vehicle with any behavior. they're moving with touch slide and no auto move let me share you my file here and my code

    here are two problems I'm facing

    First if I move trucks to another road then car don't move to that empty road

    First problem can be fix by swapping condition 5 with 6 and 14 with 15 then another problem coming truck & barricade not stopping car anymore.

    Third problem is truck not stopping another truck


  • I'm not positive if it will work correctly. But since you have Bool for IsTouching for whatever object you are moving set to true

    You can attempt to look for collision. On collision set IsTouching to False

    (And also move the 2 vehicles so they are not considered collided next time you move away)

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