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  • Hi. My game runs well when I use remote preview mode and open it on my phone's browser. However, when I build it to debug apk file then install on the same phone, the game runs with very bad performance. I guess it's something relate to webGL, because I used to get the same problem when run it on my computer's browser, until I activate webGL on it. But this time, it's a apk file, and I dont know how to activate webGL for an application. Can anyone help?

    P/s: I've already checked on the "Enable webGL" on project setting tab, but it doesn't help.

  • Dont use the C3 Builder (Android debug - Android Unsigned release) to test performance. Build your own game with Android Studio and in C3 use Android Studio Project.

  • LuisCGForte I do as you said but the result is the same, no matter it is a signed apk or debug apk. And now I'm sure it's because of webGL, when game objects with "SetColor" or "Tint" effects are not displayed correctly. Also, I found these two posts which are similar to my situation:

    However, no answer can be found.

    I would try testing on other devices to see if the same problem occurs.

  • Try and do a remote preview on the device. I get 40fps running my project as an apk yet 60fps running it in chrome via remote preview.

  • Thank you! I've already tried that as I wrote in my first comment. The game run well on my phone's browser, but not when installed as an apk.

    By the way, I have just made some tests on other devices. Here is the result:

    Device | Play on browser | Play as apk app

    ASUS Zenfone 2 | Fine | Bad

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge | Fine | Fine

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 | Fine | Fine

    Samsung Galaxy S4 | Fine | Fine

    It seems that most of Samsung devices can run the game well as apk. I'm not sure with other labels due to lacking of devices of them.

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  • Thank you! I've already tried that as I wrote in my first comment.

    So you did. I think I need more coffee

    Ive tried my apk on a Moto G4, Moto G, Hudl 2 with great performance, yet the Lenovo Tab 4 is really poor.

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