The navigation panel does not hide ! Ever.

  • Hi.. Even with the R158 (Beta), the navigation panel does not hide from a fullscreen Android build.

    Here are my observations:

    1) Before R158, the problem was that it would show up for the Input text box, i.e. when the native keyboard pops-up. When the keyboard hides, the navigation panel didn't use to hide. We'd need to pull the status bar and release it to hide everything.

    2) With the R157, as I notice, when the Google Play signs in, the Navigation Panel shows up (not even transparent - it's opaque) and it's persistent. Meaning, I cannot even hide it manually. Nor, does it hide with Browser fullscreen. I even tried Fullscreen, letterbox, then scale outer, etc. Doesn't work.

    This is very annoying, since the game needs to be Fullscreen, and it overlaps with some portion of the game.

    Anyone else faced this?

    Any solution?

    How do I report it officially, since this is clearly a bug.



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  • Assuming you're using Construct 2, you may want to update, even if it's on Construct 3, I think there's a patch or setting to it.

  • Bugs should be reported here.

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