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  • Hello. I'm trying to make a rhythm game and I'd like to know if there's some way to sync objects to the music. I tried using a system that creates a projectile every time the space bar is pressed. That way, I could press the space bar along with the music, but I don't know how to save all the space bar inputs so I can use them whenever I want. I tried using the saving and loading features, but I still haven't figured it out. Perhaps there's a solution other than detecting key inputs, but I think it would be better than using the "wait X seconds" event.

    Apologies if my explanation is too confusing.

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  • Hi Alqual!

    As far as I could understando you want to create the level (save the input and time of input) AND read it for your game, right?

    I'd suggest using EOF, a program specifically designed for creating levels for rhythm games. It may seem complicated at first but there are lots of tutorials and you'll surely grasp it quickly. It generates a XML file with looooots of information about the level, including diferent note sets for different difficulties. Anyway... Use it instead of trying to reinvent it on Construct.

    For reading it you could use the XML object or, if you prefer, get the information on the generated XML and adapt it to the loading format you want to use (Array, JSON, whatever).

    Hope this helps...


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