How to make Music Maker (Drum, Guitar & Piano) in C2 & C3

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  • Hello Friends

    After a long time i am again here with a new tutorial.

    In this video i have shown that how you can make music maker in Using Construct 2 & Construct 3.

    I hope you like this video

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  • I don't get youtube tutorials like this.. How can you learn something from 40 minutes of chaotic clicking/typing, with no commentary and looping annoying music?

    I wanted to see how you did different musical notes and it took me a long time to find that bit in your videos...

    Why don't you include some text description explaining what's going on in each part of the tutorial?

    A link to a capx would also be great.

  • sorry for that

    I'm not comfortable in english spoken

    but I'll upload capx in scirra store for a small amout like 5-10$.

  • do you want

    i should never use music in my tutorials?

    because I'm gonna make more tutorials like this in future

  • Don't get me wrong, it's great that you are creating these tutorials, but I think you should try to make them look more like tutorials, and not just a screen capture videos.

    Say, before doing something in the editor, add a static frame for a few seconds explaining what are you going to do.

    For example: "And now I will add an instance variable MusicalNote to piano keys and assign each key its own musical note".

    This will make a huge difference!

    Also, if your tutorial is in several parts, add a description to each part:

    Part 1 - In this part I'm creating graphics and visuals

    Part 2 - In this part I'm adding a title screen


    And since you are doing this for the viewers who are mostly beginners, try not to do everything in a hurry and record the whole project in one go. Your don't make pauses, mouse movement often look chaotic, windows are opening-closing too fast etc. I almost got a headache after a couple of minutes watching your videos.

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  • okey thanks

    i will put written notes on video

    and yes i made videos with no pause

    sometimes i do mistakes

    but still i always treis to make videos simple and understandable.

  • I'm not a beginner but even I had troubles following what's going on in your video because it's happening so fast. So yeah, you should definitely make pauses and add explanations of what are you doing.

  • I did these videos double speed except key notes sounds that part i did slow

    why i did fast because actual video was too lengthy So I did it fast

  • dop2000 I am gonna add subtitle to videos as my comments.

    I think it will be good for now

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