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  • Hello!

    I´ve made a simple game that plays sounds when i push buttons. Like a "drummachine"-thing.

    Now i want to add two buttons; one who records and one who plays. and i should also have on who reset it i guess. so Three buttons.

    The record button should have the function like: i hold the button and while i do that i can push other buttons and make a song of them, when i release the button its saved.

    Then i got the other button i can play the tune i created when recorded. And the last should reset it. I know how to do a reset button and i guess i figure out how to do a play-up button... But does anyone got any idea of how i could make the "record"-button?

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  • Not having done anything like this, I'm just looking at it logically.

    To 'record' it, I assume you don't really want to record the sound, but the presses.

    To be able to record you will need a start/stop too. (If you use the first press as start, you will still need a 'stop' or how will you know it's over)

    Once you start, I can only think that you will need to have a timer, and as each button is pressed, record that press and how long the press is down for.

    Eg: seconds, button 4 was pressed for 1.4902 seconds.

    Then, you can 'auto' play back based on these button presses, as well as you could then save/load the 'tunes' and add/change them.

    Food for thought.

  • Thank you for your inputs. Ofc i should record the taps. i didnt think logic ^^

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