How do I make multiplayer working on ios browser like safari or chrome?

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  • I'm trying to make multiplayer game, and it works in PC's and MAC's browsers, also on Android's browsers, but I can't seem to make it work on iOS' browsers such as Safari or Chrome.

    I can connect to signalling server "wss://"

    On signalling connected, then logged in, then joined room, no problem until this point.

    but after that, on peer connected never called, both if my iOS device as host or client

    I tried to check on every tick if peer count = 2, and it works, when another player came to the room, the peer count goes up to 2, I can see my ID, host ID, but I can't see peer ID (null or empty), and not long after that if my iOS device is the client, it will be kicked from the room

    here is the .c3p file :

    Can anyone help me to make multiplayer work on iOS browser?

  • I've tried the example projects such as Multiplayer : real-time game and Multiplayer : pong, same thing happened, working on all browsers except on iOS

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  • It turns out Chrome on PC can't work with mobile devices' browsers, tried switching my PC's browser to Firefox and now it can communicate with my mobile devices' browsers.

    Chrome on PC can communicate with other browsers on PC, but not with mobile devices' browsers, at least that was my case


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